Adult Education

Once a month, the Student Rabbi leads a study session on a specific Jewish topic of interest. Please check our Calendar for the next Adult Education meeting.

Beginning in August 2023, Brith Sholem will offer an 18-session Introduction to Judaism class based on the course developed by the Union for Reform Judaism. Those pursuing conversion at Brith Sholem will be expected to attend all sessions;  members of Brith Sholem are welcome to attend individual sessions of interest. Session topics are shown below:

  • Session 1 – What is Judaism? Who are the Jewish People?
  • Session 2 – People of the Book
  • Session 3 – Jewish Prayer and the Synagogue
  • Session 4 – What Do Jews Believe?
  • Session 5 – Living a Jewish Life: Creating a Jewish Life and Home
  • Session 6 – Living a Jewish Life: Marriage, Partnership, and More
  • Session 7 – Living a Jewish Life: Raising Menschen
  • Session 8 – Living a Jewish Life: Death and Mourning
  • Session 9 – Middot
  • Session 10 – Living in Jewish Time: The Calendar and Shabbat
  • Session 11 – Living in Jewish Time: The High Holidays (Days of Awe)
  • Session 12 – Living in Jewish Time: The Three Festivals
  • Session 13 – Living in Jewish Time: Other Jewish Holidays
  • Session 14 – The Jewish Story: From Creation to Enlightenment
  • Session 15 – The Jewish Story: The Holocaust
  • Session 16 – The Jewish Story: Israel and Zionism
  • Session 17 – The Jewish Story: The American Jewish Experience
  • Session 18 – Choosing Judaism: Becoming Part of the Jewish People
  • Session 19 – Choosing Judaism: Next Steps

Religious School

Regular classes for Bar & Bat Mitzvah are available for the pre-teen children of members, depending on how many children are of age. Also available is Tot Shabbat, where young children and their families gather to learn and play.

As of the fall of 2022, Brith Sholem’s Religious School offers bi-weekly classes for children between ages 5-13.

Please contact us if you would like to join in our learning activities!

We are indebted to the United Jewish Federation of Utah for their support of learning at Brith Sholem.