Community Passover Seder

Passover 2022
We look forward to celebrating this Passover together for the first time in 3 years with a Community Seder on Saturday, April 16thbeginning at 6pm. Rabbi Tim will lead with us as we gather at the synagogue for a crowd-sourced (and likely crowded) celebration. 
Members (including their non-member guests) get first priority for reservations UNTIL April 10th, then we will open the reservations up to others as space permits. RSVP to Judi Amsel at with the number in your party and your selection from the list of contributions below:
  • Beef brisket (4-5 pounds cooked) – 3 needed
  • Chicken (1 whole, roasted and cut up) – 4 needed
  • Vegetables (roasted or sauteed potatoes, green or root veggies) – 8 platters to serve 6 each 
  • Matzo balls (cooked in salt water, about 2″ diameter when done) – 4 contributions of 16 needed
  • Hard-boiled eggs (peeled) – 4 contributions of one dozen needed
  • Charoset – 4 contributions of 2 Cups each needed
  • Romaine lettuce and parsley – 2 contributions of 2 heads lettuce + 3 bunches parsley needed
  • Kosher-for-Passover desserts (e.g., matzo crack or flourless cake) – 6 needed
  • Set-up team (moving chairs and tables, setting tables) – 4 people needed
  • Serving team (putting food on platters as needed and bringing into the synagogue from 2760) = 4 people needed
  • Clean-up team – 6 people needed
If you are unable to contribute according to this list, we ask that you make a contribution to the synagogue. Brith Sholem will provide matzo, wine, and grape juice.